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Trying To Be Healthy At Work

A Few Tips To Stay Healthy

In 2015 a study by the Institute of Medicine in the USA found that being in a sedentary position at work for long periods of time, such as prolonged sitting, can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular issues and some chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes. However, being at work doesn’t mean that healthy habits can be forgotten about. This is simply an opportunity to incorporate some health conscious activities into your daily routine.

Healthy choices don’t have to interfere with your regular workday, they can easily be incorporated into your daily tasks and may even help with increasing productivity. Here are some small things that you can do to add some healthy choices at work.

Take The Stairs : Unless you’re having to climb to the 32nd floor of your office tower, taking the stairs is a healthy alternative to the elevator. It may not result in the same serious calorie burn that the stair machine at the gym results in, but it does get the blood flowing and the heart pumping more than taking the elevator.

Pack A Lunch : Proper diet and exercise are key to any healthy lifestyle, and even if it’s easier to grab something quick and easy from the local fast food joint at lunch, packing a healthy lunch is vital. Having some healthy snacks like nuts and fruit at your desk to snack on will also help in controlling your position size.

Drink More Water : We’ve all heard the benefits of drinking water over a sugary drink or energy drink but are you drinking enough? Having 75 to 150 ounces a day promotes proper hydration, kidney function and in some cases weight loss. So bring a water bottle with you to work.

Standing Room : If your job requires you to be sitting at your desk for the majority of your day, schedule yourself some time during breaks to stand and be more active. Go for a walk in the lobby or weather permitting a walk outside. This does help with your circulatory system and if you’re experiencing any knee or hip problems a quick walk promotes healing.

A healthy alternative to a sedentary work life will allow you to be more productive, more energetic and be able to achieve your long term health goals. There are a lot of choices that can be made and these simple habits are easily included into the day to day life at work to promote a healthy work environment. To find out some more information and learn some more healthy tips that you can do at work or home to be healthier, contact us and we can help.


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