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What You Don’t Know About Your Back

A few ways to help manage that back pain

You may not know this, but you are not alone in experiencing that back pain. Millions of people the world will experience one form or another of pain in their lower back. Your spine is a strong and stable structure and as uncomfortable as it may get at times, it is very rare that this can be dangerous. According to research by the Charted Society of Physiotherapist in the United Kingdom, 98% of people who suffer from lower back pain can recover fully within 6 months of entering a healthcare treatment plan for the management of that lower back pain. Here are some things you may not know that can help with dealing with that lower back pain.

Be Active :

Being active in the first few days of experiencing that lower back pain allows the body to heal faster. Studies show that bedrest can lower the chances of quick recovery and may further prolong the effects of that lower back pain. However this does not mean to participate in extreme activities, simply performing everyday tasks with usual body movement but at a slower pace and adjusted movement can help the healing process.

Drugs :

Often times painkillers are portrayed as having the cure to all the lower pain you are experiencing. However, this is not the case. Most drugs cure the symptom and provide no relief to the actual cause of the problem. Dealing with the root cause of the problem and addressing it through a proper treatment plan with your physiotherapist will allow you to recover faster from injury and experience less pain without being dependent on prescriptions.

Surgery Is Not Needed :

Most people fear going to the doctor as they are under the impression that the problem is far worse than it really is and will require surgery. This however is a false statement. It is very rare that a patient experiencing lower back pain will require surgery to cure that pain. Most GP’s and family doctors will in fact recommend that you visit with a chiropractor or physiotherapist as they can access the root cause of that lower back pain. They can show you techniques and exercises that help with dealing with that lower back pain and will be able to create a plan that will result in a pain free treatment solution.


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