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Your Spine, Smartphones, and Your Health

In the last decade there has been more technological advances than the last 500 year combined. One of these advances that has greatly affected our everyday lives is the popularity of smartphones. These little devices are wonderful, aren't they? It's like having a super computer in your pocket. They can definitely be a huge positive when it comes to health and wellness, but there is one major downside, posture.

The way we stand, sit, and look at our phones has a dramatic effect on your health. Why? Because posture has a major impact on your health and well-being.

Smartphone Posture

While there are multiple postures when it comes to how people use their smartphone, it can come down to three major postures. These are the three we will be addressing in this blog post. With that said, it is very important that you address your posture if you find yourself participating in any of them.

Posture 1 - "Head Down"

When looking at their phone, most people have it below eye level. This usually means that their head is constantly flexed or in a downward position. This may seem really minor, but you need to understand that the human head on average weighs 11 pounds. This means that in this position, your neck is supporting the weight of a bowling ball. This is definitely not ideal for optimal health and wellness. The more your head is tilted, the more pressure on your spine. In some cases, the force can increase to 60 pounds. Do not let this happen to you.

How do you fix this? Keep your smartphone at eye level and maintain your head in a neutral position.

Posture 2 - "Head Down & Shoulders Rounded Over"

The next mistake in posture that happens when people have their head down when looking at their smartphone is their shoulders round over. This position puts A LOT of pressure on the spine in your upper neck and back.

How to fix? On top of keeping your smartphone at eye level, pull your shoulder blades back and down towards your lower back. This will help alleviate pressure on your spine.

Posture 3 - "Head Down, Shoulders Rounded Over and Slouched Back"

Many people are sitting down when they're looking at their smartphones. This creates yet again another issue in posture, a slouched lower back. This is as bad as it gets for your spine. The curves of your spine are greatly contorted and the biomechanics of your spine are suffering.

How to fix? Hold your smartphone at eye level, pull your shoulder blades back and down to your low back, and then pretend that there is a string attached to the bottom of your sternum where your rib cage meets and that it’s pulling you up. This will instantly put you into proper sitting position. It's also very important to have a supportive chair. An exercise ball is also a very smart idea to help.

Your posture greatly affects your overall health. Don't fool yourself, small changes can make a massive impact. Stop by Somerset Family Chiropractic to learn more about how to sit properly and/or use your smartphone in the best posture for your body.


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