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Back Pain Treatment


Back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in the Canadian population. It affects more than 80% of people worldwide, and it's one of the frequent reasons men and women visit their physicians yearly. Your primary care provider is usually your first line of defense against this ailment, but it can become challenging to go about your daily life when you're suffering from a chronic or acute symptom of varying diseases that affect your spinal cord, muscles, nerve endings, and more. If you suffer from lower or upper back pain, visit our back pain clinic in Ajax, Ontario. Somerset Family Chiropractic offers a sensible and humane approach to pain, with solutions ranging from spinal adjustments and decompression to other chiropractic and therapeutic measures to manage your pain.

For over seven years and with the guidance of our leading chiropractor, Dr. Craig Brennan, Somerset Family Chiropractic has become a renowned local pain management clinic in the heart of Ajax. We accept patients from all over the Greater Toronto Area and provide long-term relief for all conditions affecting your lifestyle. Set an appointment with us today by calling 905-239-9090 and asking for our nearest available date.


Back Pain Clinic Ajax, Ontario: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy


Common Causes of Back Pain

When your muscles or ligaments get injured, it can cause excruciating back pain. But the most common causes of this condition don't only come from muscular injuries. They also stem from nerve damage, fractures, ruptured discs, and more. Finding the root cause of your pain is one of the most crucial steps to finding long-term relief, and that's our goal here at Somerset Family Chiropractic. Some of the most common causes of back pain include:

  • Sciatica

  • Infections

  • Nerve compression

  • Scoliosis

  • Spinal fractures

  • Sprains

  • Pregnancy

Types of Back Pain We Treat

Back pain can either be episodic and resolve quickly or can be a daily and constant battle. We differentiate back pain by its progression time: you are dealing with acute or chronic back pain. At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we can help you with both conditions.


Acute Back Pain

Acute refers to short-term back pain. It usually resolves itself within a few days or lasts less than 12 weeks without a permanent loss of function. When you seek treatment for acute lower back pain, resuming your daily activities and finding relief with the proper care is what separates it from an underlying chronic cause. Acute back pain symptoms can include sudden pain that comes out of nowhere, numbness, tingling, and weakness. An accident, heavy lifting, or falling usually causes it.


Chronic Back Pain

When you've experienced back pain for more than six months after the initial injury has been treated, then you're suffering from chronic back pain. Chronic back conditions can severely affect your lifestyle. They can cause other symptoms like reduced function and mobility, muscle fatigue, trouble sleeping, decreased motion, muscle spasms, and even intense pain at rest. Seeking proper treatment for chronic back pain is crucial for recovery.

Our Professional Back Pain Treatments

Somerset Family Chiropractic offers physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and other solutions for your back pain. Our care is geared toward long-term relief and finding underlying causes to improve your daily life.

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic treatments include adjustments, soft tissue therapy, spinal decompression, and other rehabilitation techniques to lessen your pain. Our treatments are provided by licensed chiropractors Dr. Craig Brennan and Dr. Vince Pantano.


Licensed physiotherapists provide our physical therapy treatments. We use techniques like range of motion exercises, TENS therapy, ultrasound, and heat therapy to help you find relief and adequately treat your chronic back pain.


By targeting pressure points, our acupuncturists will help relieve your back pain. We use techniques like body and auricular acupuncture to target problem areas and acupressure for pain relief.

Massage Therapy

We offer deep tissue and Swedish massages for muscle-related back injuries. Our massage therapy will help improve mobility and reduce inflammation. We also provide pre and post-natal massages for pregnant women seeking back pain relief.


When to Visit Your Local Back Pain Clinic

At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we believe no one should be in pain. You can seek treatment for your back pain at any time, and we'll be more than happy to welcome you into our clinic. However, it's essential to understand when your pain has become severe and when you should seek medical professionals like our chiropractors. It's necessary to seek treatment when:

  • Your back pain has lasted for more than two weeks, and it's preventing you from participating in your daily activities

  • The pain is constant or too excruciating, and you have difficulty sitting or lying down

  • You feel weakness, tingling, or numbing in your legs

  • Your back is swollen

  • It occurs after an accident or trauma

  • You develop a fever

  • Have bladder control issues

Who is at Risk?

Age (30-50 years old), obesity, job-related factors like heavy lifting, smoking, and decreased physical activity are among the most common risk factors for developing back pain.

The Best Chronic Pain Management in Ajax

At the back pain clinic in Ajax, Ontario, we provide comprehensive, personalized care focused on relieving patients' pain and discomfort. Our professional and experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in physical therapy, chiropractic care, injury prevention methods, and rehabilitation. Our individualized treatment plans are based on patient-specific needs, so we can create a tailored approach that works best for you. We also provide support from our physiotherapy and chiropractic teams, who can guide posture, back exercises and stretches, and lifestyle changes. We hope to give the best relief and treatment for your back pain with the Back Pain Clinic in Ajax, Ontario.



Luke Papadopoulos

Dr. Craig Brennan and Dr. Vince Pantano are miracle workers. They do such a great job and take pride in their work, and above all, they are just great people and treat the patients like family and friends. I highly recommend Somerset Family Chiropractic if you need adjustment or have pain, as these guys and the rest of the team there are all A++++. You will not be disappointed.


I had lower back pain that kept coming back with me not able to move from my bed. Then, on someone's recommendation, I visited Dr. Brennan. He has been very patient since my very first visit to listen and assess my situation by asking the right questions. Then explained to me the cause of pain and the plan to fix it. I have been given great advice with work postures and helpful exercises, which have helped to speed up my recovery. It was like magic in a few sessions as my pain disappeared. The staff at reception is super helpful and polite. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Brennan

Anna Kania

I went in to see Dr. Craig Brennan because of a severe pain in my middle back and both feet that I got mostly from pregnancy and carrying my daughter in a wrap / baby carrier for almost a year. It was my first ever chiropractic appointment, and I didn't really know what to expect, but Dr. Brennan patiently walked me through the entire process. After a thorough assessment, he used several adjustments to whip me back into shape, and I noticed a significant improvement in my back pain just after my first visit. I will always recommend him to everyone who is looking for a responsible, kind and competent doctor. To top it all off: great location, reasonable fees, nice stuff, clean and comfortable office.

Daniela Popp

I came to Dr Pantano with excruciating back pain. From my first visit, I knew that I'm in good hands and I will receive the best treatment. Before applying a treatment plan, he conducted an assessment with X-rays and then sat down with me to review my status and explained what is actually causing the pain. Throughout the treatment, I was given great advice and helpful exercises, which have helped to speed up my recovery. After just a few sessions, I couldn't believe the difference - I was already pain-free. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Pantano without hesitation.

Find Back Pain Relief at Somerset Family Chiropractic

Our team is available during standard office hours and are happy to answer any queries you may have. Call 905-239-9090 and schedule an appointment with us!

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