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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy In Ajax Ontario

Deep tissue massage aims to treat serious muscle injuries using special pressure techniques with the fingers, hands, or elbows to reach each muscle layer.


It is possible to find certain similarities with some movements used in Swedish Massage, but in this case, much more pressure is used to reach the point of relaxation of the muscle.


Unlike other massages, deep tissue massages work on specific muscle areas to release tension from the deepest layers of muscle tissues. It is why it can be a bit painful at times; however, we would like to mention some of its benefits:


  • This treatment targets the deeper tissue structure of the muscles and can affect the connective tissue, known as fascia.

  • It helps with both minor muscle injuries and chronic problems.

  • It is an excellent way to treat whiplash, sports injuries, postural misalignment, spasms, and muscle tension.

  • Benefits include the release of specific chronic muscle tension, muscle knots, or adhesions.


This massage therapy works primarily in sports physiotherapy or for patients with physical activity injuries such as athletes and dancers, chronic pain issues, or tendon injuries.

This massage is progressive; it begins with a body massage to prepare the muscles and adapt to the movements, then begins to work with greater intensity in the problem areas.


Somerset Family Chiropractic is the most reliable massage place near Ajax, Ontario. Your health and well-being are the most important thing for us; that is why we advise that you indicate the type of wound or the area you want to treat from the first time you get to communicate with us.

Likewise, during the session, you can talk to our therapists about the level of pressure your body can withstand.


We count on the best-registered massage therapist to accompany you during this process. If necessary, after the massage, your therapist will give indications and follow-up to treat any symptoms after your session.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to guide you through this process of improving your health.

Get in touch: 1995 Salem Road North, Unit 2, Ajax
Call: (905) 239-9090
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