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Direct Insurance Billing

Direct Insurance Billing For Ajax Ontario

At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we give integral support to our patients. This is not only when receiving their treatment but also at every other stage whenever you need our help. 


Our approach is holistic, and that means not only will you receive the best attention but also assistance in other aspects, such as payment and workplace accidents. As a Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB Ontario) partner, we also go above and beyond to make recovering your health easy and viable.

Because of this, Somerset Family Chiropractic offers direct insurance billing for patients who have suffered from a workplace accident or car accident recovery


What Does Direct Insurance Billing Encompass?

As the name suggests, if you are protected against certain events or accidents through an insurance company at Somerset Family Chiropractic, we can send your bill directly to them whenever you need our assistance. We work with several insurance companies or the WSIB.

You won’t even have to file a claim or lose time in paperwork. Direct insurance billing ensures you can receive our help right when you need it. It is the case when you need chiropractic or any other services we offer, including physical therapy, massage therapy in Ajax, and more.


Being tended at the best physiotherapy clinic with professional staff and registered experts is now prompt and convenient with direct insurance billing.

WSIB Direct Insurance Billing

Your injury must result from work to use the direct insurance billing service. Regardless if you are suffering from neck pain, lower back pain, a herniated disc, etc. This is stated by the WSIB


You can read more here about the instructions you must follow when you have suffered a workplace accident to get the necessary assistance from the involved parties and us. All can be paid with direct insurance billing.


At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we’ll be pleased to answer any further doubts about direct insurance billing or schedule your appointment to begin your treatment as soon as possible. If you need us, contact us today!

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