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Wellness Center Services in Ajax, Ontario

At Somerset Family Chiropractic, your health is our priority. We are constantly striving to offer our patients the best alternative treatments within our reach. Our wellness center has several personalized, patient-based services to bring you the best alternative health assistance in the Ajax area. 


Healthy living is crucial—and so is a pain-free lifestyle. In our wellness center, we can help you achieve that. Our list of services includes: 

We use the latest techniques in chiropractic to help improve your quality of life. Not only do we help you deal with chronic pain, but Somerset Family Chiropractic will improve your posture, increase mobility, and prevent injury by treating pain with alternative methods. 
This type of therapy can be a relaxing and soothing experience. Somerset Family Chiropractic provides a highly specialized massage therapy service to alleviate stress and soothe your aching muscles. We offer Swedish massages, deep-tissue massages, and pre and post-natal massage therapy adjusted to your individual needs. 
Somerset Family Chiropractic is paired with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) to assist you with workplace-related accidents. We know how demanding your day-to-day schedule is and how common workplace accidents can be, but at our wellness center, we've got you covered. We offer services for conditions like carpal tunnel, herniated discs, and more. 
Somerset Family Chiropractic counts with licensed physical therapists to prove our patients' highest standard of care. Recovering from an illness or injury is a complicated process, but we offer the best physical therapy services to guide you through your recovery processes, like massages, heat therapy, motion exercise, and more. 
Our acupuncture therapy is performed by experienced professionals trained to deliver a personalized service for your ailments. Through its wellness center's acupuncture service, Somerset Family Chiropractic will treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, stress, insomnia, and depression. 
Motor-Vehicle-Accidents .jpg
Every year, about 100,000 motor vehicle injuries are reported to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision. We offer services to help you through your vehicle accident recovery process. We will work with your insurer to make sure you're adequately covered. 

Why choose us?

Somerset Family Chiropractic offers wellness services for all kinds of illnesses and conditions. We value doctor-patient confidentiality and offer personalized, one-on-one treatments catered to your mental and physical requirements. 


We are the choice wellness center in the Ajax region.

Get in touch: 1995 Salem Road North, Unit 2, Ajax
Call: (905) 239-9090

Don't forget—we are here for you.

Make your health a priority and call us at (905) 239-9090 to book an appointment with us today, or visit us at 1995 Salem Rd N #2, Ajax, ON. Somerset Family Chiropractic will be happy to assist you and become your choice wellness center in the Ajax area. 
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