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Herniation & Slipped Disc Chiropractor in Ajax, Ontario

Herniations or slipped discs are the most common reasons patients visit our clinic. So, if you’re searching for a slipped disc chiropractor or a multi-disciplinary treatment like acupuncture and physical therapy for a herniation problem, Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre has board-certified, professional chiropractors with decades of experience treating and managing pain in Ajax, Ontario. 

What is a Slipped Disc or Herniation?

Your spine comprises about 24 vertebrae, or individual bones that are strong enough to hold your weight. In between those bones is a shock-absorbent plate called the intervertebral disc that not only separates your vertebrae but also helps protect the nerves that run down your spine. They’re filled with a jelly-like substance called the Nucleus pulposus and have an outer ring called the Anulus fibrosus. 

So, what exactly is a herniation, and what does it have to do with intervertebral discs? 

A herniation, popularly known as a slipped disc, happens when there’s a burst or a “hernia” in an intervertebral disc. That inner, gelatinous substance pushes against the outer ring and causes it to bulge (imagine the inner filling of a donut bulging out of the dough). It compresses the nerves that run down the spine, which causes a considerable amount of pain. It can be related to a natural aging process since our discs weaken as we age, repetitive activities, or an injury. 


Common Causes of Herniations

Some of the most common causes of a slipped disc include: 


  • Heavy lifting

  • Aging

  • Operating heavy machinery

  • Obesity

  • Physical inactivity

Signs & Symptoms of a Slipped Disc

The most common symptom of a slipped disc is back pain, but having back pain doesn’t mean you are suffering from a herniation. Not all herniated discs cause symptoms, but they can also cause tingling sensations in your extremities, shoulders, back, and feet, neck pain, and muscle weakness. 


Our Herniation and Slipped Disc Treatments

Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre campaigns for the stability of your spine. We offer the following herniation treatments in our clinic


Our chiropractic treatment for a herniated disc involves adjustments to realign the spine, reducing pressure on affected discs to help you regain spinal function. Our slipped disc chiropractors handle every case on a patient-to-patient basis.


Our physical therapy services are designed to complement chiropractic treatments by targeting muscular imbalances and stability. Our physiotherapists will develop a customized rehabilitation plan based on your particular needs. 


Our acupuncture treatments are tailored to relieve pain associated with herniated or slipped discs. By targeting specific points in the body, our acupuncturists promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and trigger the release of natural painkillers. 


Massage therapy helps relax tense muscles, improve flexibility, and complement our chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments. By incorporating massage therapy into your treatment plan, we create harmony to help our patients find relief. 

When to Visit Our Slipped Disc Chiropractor

Evidence-based medicine has shown that bulging discs tend to decrease in size, which means that herniations are treatable and living pain-free is possible. However, if you suffer from a slipped disc and you experience any of the following, visit our clinic as soon as possible: 

  • Severe pain or a significant increase in pain

  • More muscle weakness than usual 

  • Your pain isn’t responding to over-the-counter medication

Other Conditions We Treat

Find The Right Slipped Disc Chiropractor in Ajax Here!

Our team is available during standard office hours and is happy to answer your questions. Call 905-239-9090 and schedule an appointment with us!

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