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Neck pain is a common ailment Canadians seek medical attention for. Our pain management clinic has treated hundreds of cases of this condition with excellent outcomes. If you're looking for a neck pain chiropractor near Ajax, Ontario, Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre has a team of professionals ready to provide chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage appointments, and acupuncture alternatives for our patients.

Our chiropractors are certified and licensed by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. Dr. Brennan and Dr. Pantano have delivered pain relief care at our clinic for over seven years. Every chiropractic treatment is personalized, evidence-based, and adjusted to the needs of our patients.

Call us today and book an appointment for any of our chiropractic services. Dial 905-239-9090 or contact us through our website. You can also read ahead to learn more about what we do here at Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

Neck Pain Chiropractor Near Ajax, ON

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain affects 30-50% of the population. The most common origins are usually related to injuries or poor posture. It can even be related to other symptoms like numbness of your upper limbs, headaches, and tingling. Some of these causes include:

It's very common to experience recurring pain. Seeking spinal decompression or a professional chiropractic approach to alleviate this symptom can help you improve your daily routine.


Type of Neck Pain We Treat

Two types of neck pain can be treated at our clinic. Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre will provide a personalized chiropractic therapy session or other treatment plans best suited for your condition. We treat spine conditions constantly, and neck pain is no exception.


Acute Neck Pain

We usually refer to acute neck pain as a sudden type of pain. It's usually associated with muscle structures or ligaments and heals within a few days or weeks. However, seeking treatment at our chiropractic clinic will help alleviate acute neck pain and other related symptoms with treatments like soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation.


Chronic Neck Pain

Pain in the neck that persists for more than three months is chronic. This type of chronic pain worsens with time or while doing certain activities that put a strain on your spinal column or your neck muscles. Our chiropractors can provide treatments like spinal adjustments and other methods to relieve pain for long-term relief care.

Our Neck Pain Treatment Options

We offer more than chiropractic care for our patients. Our treatment methods involve rehabilitation techniques like physical therapy, Swedish and deep tissue massages, and acupuncture for short and long-term relief. Learn more about our pain management options below.


Chiropractic Care


Our chiropractors provide tailored chiropractic adjustments on a patient-to-patient basis. Every neck pain is unique, and we focus on getting to the root of the problem and treating it accordingly. Our chiropractic care plans can include adjustments, orthotics, and other alternatives to provide pain relief. Visit our clinic in Ajax and find the neck pain chiropractor you need.




Rehabilitation and physiotherapy is an excellent method to relieve tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. Our physical therapists are all licensed professionals who have been working with us on our journey to become one of the top chiropractic clinics in Ajax. We determine your pain's best course of action with personalized sessions and careful screening.


Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is another alternative method to relieve neck pain. Our massage therapy experts work in conjunction with our physicians to find the right treatment method that can be used in conjunction with our massage plans. Relieve the strain in your neck muscles with our massage therapy sessions in Ajax, Ontario.




Often overseen as a powerful method for pain relief, acupuncture works by tackling specific points in your body (and your neck) and providing pain relief. Acupuncture also helps with relaxation, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and reducing stress, providing a viable way to treat chronic or acute neck pain. Find it at our neck pain clinic by calling us!

Somerset Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre has provided neck pain chiropractic adjustments for over seven years. Our licensed chiropractors and physiotherapists have treated hundreds of cases of neck pain throughout their careers. Our undisputable reputation makes us eager to uphold our services to the highest standards, putting patient comfort and safety first.

Your spine will be in great hands with Somerset Family Chiropractic. Find the proper treatment method by visiting our clinic or contacting us today!

 Where Can I Find Your Neck Pain Chiropractor Near Me?


Finding us is simple. Call 905-239-9090 during our office hours—7:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. We'll set up a visit at your nearest convenience. We can't guarantee same-day appointments, but we can book you when we have an opening. You can also visit us at 1995 Salem Rd N #2, Ajax, ON L1T 0J9.

 Find the Neck Pain Relief You're Looking For With Us!

Visit our neck pain chiropractors in Ajax today! Call 905-239-9090 or contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to being your gateway to pain relief.

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