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Pregnancy brings joy, expectations, and happiness into the life of any new or experienced mother. However, pre and post-pregnancy can also come with some physical discomfort, from joint and muscle aches to stress-related stiffness; women who are going through gestation or have just gone through the intense experience of labor can benefit from the anti-stress and relaxation benefits that post and prenatal massages can bring. Somerset Family Chiropractic offers prenatal massages near you in Ajax, Greater Toronto. 

Are you wondering: "Where can I find a post and prenatal massage near me?"

Our chiropractic center offers safe massage therapy with experienced, humane professionals. Make your journey into motherhood easier by contacting Somerset Family Chiropractic today by calling 289-270-9069 or visiting us at our chiropractic center. 

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What are Prenatal and Postnatal Massages?

Massages during and after pregnancy involve the entire body. They are performed by certified professionals with experience in the safety and comfort of expecting and new mothers. Prenatal and postnatal massages involve positioning the body in specific ways to guarantee comfort and must be performed by professional therapists. 


Prenatal massage addresses the discomforts and challenges associated with pregnancy. In contrast, postnatal massage supports the body's recovery after gestation.

The Benefits of a Post and Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massages have many benefits. If you are concerned about when you can get a prenatal massage, you can do it at any point of your pregnancy when done by an expert. It is perfectly safe to perform during any stage of pregnancy, and some of the benefits include: 


  • ​Alleviates discomfort like back pain, joint pain, muscle tension, and headaches

  • Reduces swelling and edema from fluid retention and promotes better circulation, which leads to diminished swelling in your extremities.

  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief by helping release endorphins, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety

  • Enhances sleep quality and sleep disturbances by relaxing the body and mind

  • Aids in hormonal balance and breast milk stimulation, improving your overall well-being during pregnancy

Reduces stress, the symptoms of postpartum depression, and improves muscle tension

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What Our Pre and Postnatal Massage Sessions Include

During your prenatal massage session, our therapists will create a comfortable and relaxing environment using appropriate positioning and support with cushions or pillows. The massage will relieve tension in problem areas like the lower back, hips, and shoulders, using safe and practical techniques for expectant mothers.


In postnatal massages, our therapists will work with you to address specific concerns like muscle tension, scar healing, or fatigue. The massage will be tailored to meet your requirements and promote your body's natural healing process.

Why Choose Us?

Our state-of-the-art chiropractic center offers humane and professional massage therapy treatments. Our team of massage therapists has extensive experience in providing prenatal and postnatal massages. They are trained to address the unique needs and concerns of expectant and new mothers, ensuring you receive the highest quality care. 


Our clinic in Ajax, Ontario, is conveniently located for those searching for "prenatal massage near me" in the Greater Toronto Area.

Lead a comfortable and enjoyable journey into motherhood

At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we are committed to providing you with exceptional prenatal and postnatal massage therapy. Call 289-270-9069 to book an appointment or visit our chiropractic center in Ajax, Ontario, today!

Call Us Today To Set Up an Appointment

Let us help you restore balance, reduce pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we are committed to providing you with exceptional massage therapy services in Ajax, Ontario. Call 905-239-9090 or visit our center at 1995 Salem Rd N #2.
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