Pre & Post Natal Massage
Pre & Post Natal Massage in ON

Pre & Post Natal Massage


When expecting a baby, you may experience a lot of amazing things. There can also be several issues from all the changes your body goes through. It is no stranger that you may suffer from stress during and after pregnancy. Thankfully there are safe, approved, and non-intrusive methods for feeling better, like massage therapy.


What Are Prenatal Massage & Post-Natal Massage?


You can obtain all the benefits of a standard body massage during your pregnancy by getting a prenatal massage or after with a postnatal massage. You can feel instant pain relief in several parts of your body. Here is what both types of massages can help with:


  • A prenatal massage can regulate your hormones, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and even improve labor! You can get a prenatal massage at 36 weeks twice a month and then weekly.

  • A postnatal massage helps with hormone regulations, and by doing so, it stimulates breast milk. It also helps when dealing with postpartum depression and muscle stress produced by hectic activities you may be doing.


Being pregnant is unique from other conditions, so the technique should be as well. A pre and postnatal massage use the Swedish massage technique to be gentle enough not to trigger any pressure points. If you are concerned about when you can get a prenatal massage, you can do it at any point of your pregnancy when done by an expert.


Choose Yourself & Your Safety


A certified prenatal massage therapist is vital for the mother's and baby's health. You can find one here at Somerset Family Chiropractic, where we offer personalized massage therapy in Ajax, Ontario.


Your health is always secured by the knowledge of our specialists in each area. Visit us for the best prenatal or postnatal massage in Ajax, Ontario. Schedule an appointment today!

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