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Licensed Physiotherapist in Ajax, Ontario

The pillar of a trusted wellness center is having licensed and experienced practitioners who provide humane and personalized treatments to their patients. At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we count on the best physiotherapists in Ajax, Ontario. Every patient is a different universe, and we tackle wellness and recovery with individual plans that are custom-made to improve your condition and guide you through your recovery. We are leaders and experts in physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy.

At Somerset Family Chiropractic, we go above and beyond to assess and treat you with our physical and mental recovery approach. Call us today and schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist at our clinic.


What is a physiotherapist?

If you've ever been treated for an accident or injury, chances are your doctor has recommended physical therapy as a well-rounded, complementary approach to your treatment. Physiotherapists are health professionals who work hard to restore movement and function of your body after an accident, injury, or disability. They treat various conditions, from muscular pain, to chronic joint diseases like arthritis. They are the essential pillars of treatment, diagnostics, and prevention of mobility-restricting diseases.


Our Physiotherapy Services

Our comprehensive list of advanced physiotherapy services is designed to tackle physical causes of disease, reduce the risk of complications, and restore function to improve our patients' way of life. Our physiotherapy treatment is customized on a patient-to-patient basis, individually tackling their injuries. 


ROM Exercises

Our Range of Motion exercises promotes flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. Your physiotherapist will ask you to perform focused stretching and limb mobility exercises to relieve muscle stiffness and reduce health risks.


TENS & NMES Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation are electrical therapy that targets nerves to stimulate your muscles. TENS therapy is focused on pain relief, and NMES corrects muscle weakness.


Cryotherapy & Heat Therapy

Hot pads, ice packs, or other sources of changing temperature are used to combat muscle stiffness and post-injury pain. Your physiotherapist will advise you on which therapy is right for your condition.


Ultrasound Therapy

The ultrasound probe uses waves to transfer energy to the tissue underneath. It can treat muscle swelling and other injuries to the joints and ligaments.


Therapeutic Massages

PT massages are usually incorporated into your physical therapy, depending on your sustained injury. Physical therapy-oriented massages are beneficial for rehabilitating muscle strength and improving mobility.

We Also Offer Nutritional Counseling!

We always advise combining our physical therapy with nutritional counseling. It will help you on your journey to a speedy recovery. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you further.

Conditions Our Physiotherapists Treat

Don’t see your condition here?

Get in touch with us! We’ll work on a customized solution for you.

Why Choose Our Physiotherapy Clinic?

Our Ajax family physiotherapy clinic believes in the wellness of our patients. Somerset Family Chiropractic works hard to bring the best possible solutions to any concern that might arise before, during, or after your treatment plan. We are the most well-rounded physiotherapy service in the area, with experienced health professionals at the wheel.

At our physiotherapy clinic, our patients always come first.


Let Our Expert Physiotherapists Help

If you're looking for a reliable physiotherapist in Ajax, Ontario, or the Greater Toronto area, call 905-239-9090 today and schedule an appointment with us. We will work meticulously to ensure we provide you with the best care possible.

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