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Workplace Accident Treatment
Workplace Accident Treatment For Ajax Ontario

Anyone could experience a workplace accident. Those that work with large machinery are even more prone to it. Not only can an event happen suddenly, leaving you affected. Your day-to-day work can be demanding, and tasks like lifting, pushing, pulling, repeated action, and so on can result in injuries.


These have in common the need for a chiropractor to treat them. Despite their unexpected nature, you can be prepared against a workplace accident like those we mentioned with Somerset Family Chiropractic

At our clinic, we have diverse solutions to treat the pain that afflicts you, from chiropractic adjustment to physiotherapy, massage therapy, and more. We also cover various conditions like a herniated disc or carpal tunnel syndrome. It won’t only provide immediate relief, but it can also help reduce and cure the stress of such traumatic events. We aid not only your body but also your mind.


If you’d like more assistance or knowledge on how to proceed when you’ve experienced a workplace accident, get in touch with us!

We’ve Got You!

When it comes to your health, you are not alone. Some people care for you, as we do

at Somerset Family Chiropractic. Because of this, we’ve paired with the Workplace

Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) for you to have a reliable alternative to assist you in

case of a workplace accident.

Find not only a registered massage therapist partnered with WSIB Ontario, but an entire

expert team at your disposal to help you recover and relieve all the pain you are

suffering. You can eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do when a workplace

accident occurs, and let us have your back instead.

With us, you know you’ll receive the right help without delays. We prioritize your safety

and recovery above anything else. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

Get in touch:  1995 Salem Road North, Unit 2, Ajax
Call: (905) 239-9090
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