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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Massage Therapy Solutions


Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause daily discomforts. If you have experienced pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in your wrists, you may be experiencing signs of carpal tunnel.


The cause behind carpal tunnel wrist pain is the median nerve wrist that runs inside the carpal tunnel or the passage formed by the wrist bones and connective tissue. When the connective tissue swells, the pressure applied to the median nerve results in carpal tunnel syndrome and all its symptoms.


The causes of carpal tunnel syndrome aren’t strictly determined. Still, if any symptoms show up, it is better to visit your doctor as it can be caused by:


  • Pregnancy or menopause (fluid body changes).

  • Inflammatory or chronic disease.

  • Injury or Trauma

  • Obesity

  • Repetitive wrist maneuver


Ahead, we have the different solutions available for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.




It is best to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive strain and incorrect hand postures. However, when carpal tunnel syndrome is mild, you can treat it. 


Carpal tunnel treatment includes reducing the pain with anti-inflammatory medication and corticosteroid injection for the swelling and inflammation. Wearing a wrist band to keep the wrist in a neutral position is a standard treatment as well.


It is essential to take preventative actions when carpal tunnel syndrome is mild because when it aggravates, the carpal tunnel cure involves a surgical procedure.




The pain from carpal tunnel syndrome can strain you. Still, there are non-intrusive and safe ways to experience carpal tunnel relief.


Massage Therapy is preventative and relieving. You will feel well instantly. It can tackle both pain and inflammation, so it is no stranger that a hand massage will have the same effects for carpal tunnel syndrome. Deep tissue massage(link to deep tissue massage) can also help with carpal tunnel syndrome. It targets the connective tissue in your wrist and arms.


With these natural and effective methods, you will feel comfortable and better. At our Somerset Family Chiropractic clinic, you will always receive attention from a registered massage therapist. Our expertise is at your disposal. Contact us today!

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