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Reducing Stress During Pregnancy

Having a child is a new stage filled with happiness. However, it also comes with many changes, and naturally, when adjusting to them, you may experience a lot of stress. Stress is a natural response. Still, much like for everyone, when you get excess stress, it can start affecting your health and, in this case, your pregnancy too.

Never fear. Dealing with stress during pregnancy isn't as challenging with the right help. In today's blog, we'll share more on how to reduce stress during pregnancy.

Causes Of Stress During Pregnancy

Diving into the causes, stress during pregnancy can be due to the pregnancy itself, like the body and hormonal changes, but it can also be derived from other sources.

Work stress during pregnancy, for instance, is caused by the pressure of work. For that matter, you should consider how much you can work and for how long. If you feel too overwhelmed or in pain, you shouldn't force yourself.

Another cause could be relationship stress during pregnancy. Having a child is wonderful for a couple, but it also comes with responsibility and adaptation. However, the uncertainty can take a toll on both parents and strain the relationship.

Communication is essential, as well as support. Professional counseling is also helpful. Still, aggressive behavior like domestic violence shouldn't be tolerated, and you should seek help and report the case immediately.

Signs Of Stress During Pregnancy

Whatever the reason, you need to stay alert if you are under too much stress during pregnancy. Which are the signs of stress during pregnancy? These may be:

  • Headaches, back or neck pain.

  • Stomach problems

  • Increased heart rate

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty sleeping

Once identified, managing stress during pregnancy is important because not only it could be affecting your well-being but also your baby's. Increased stress means increased high blood pressure for some women, and you may end up having preeclampsia, resulting in premature or low-birthweight.

Tips For Managing Stress During Pregnancy

Many women wonder, "How can I manage stress during pregnancy?" Anything in excess is bad, so limit your overall worries, especially that of stressing too much. If you are having trouble with it, here are some tips that can aid stress during pregnancy:


Most of the time, breathing is the most common way to calm down, and conscious breathing is very powerful when preventing the moment's stress from escalating. Practicing daily breathing exercises daily or feeling a lot of pressure is very effective and beneficial.

Movement & Exercise

Not only will this help during and after your pregnancy to stay healthy. It can also combat many of the adverse effects of stress, such as back pain, muscle pain, etc. While it is key to stay away from straining or abdominal exercises, seeking good practices will be healing.


Any problems or issues will make you feel isolated, but it isn't that way. Surround yourself with the people that love you, like your partner, family, and friends, or visit support groups for pregnant women. It will feel refreshing and comforting to interact with someone that understands what you are going through.

Massage Therapy

Relaxation is the ideal way to combat stress, and massage therapy is an excellent way to do so. Although not all types of massages are fit when pregnant, there are special pre and post-natal massages that are safe and useful.

Pre & Post Natal Massages

You can try one or each of these tips to reduce stress during pregnancy and vanish every worry. If you are interested in getting a pre or post-natal massage, don't hesitate to visit Somerset Family Chiropractic.

Our certified and welcoming massage therapists will attend to you and make you feel nurtured. Contact us today!


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