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A Chiropractic Resolution

In late December and early January, over 90% of people create a goal or resolution for themselves. The most popular ones usually have to do with breaking a bad habit, like quitting smoking or exercising more to help loose weight, and as great as those are many people usually give up by the end of the month.

The reasons for the failure can range from not having the time to go to the gym to not having enough healthy snacks at home. One thing to keep in mind is that the resolution that you set for yourself is not a short term deal and should have a greater goal in mind. So from a chiropractic perspective, let’s ask you a simple question. “If you were not experiencing pain in back or neck, what would love to be doing?”

Would you be more active within or home? Would you be able to lift your children or grandchildren? Would you be able to sit more comfortably on plane to travel? Would you participate in sporting events? Would you be able to simply walk around the home pain free?

Whatever the long term goal, your resolution is to be pain free and comfortable in your everyday life. As part of that resolution process the first step is to book an appointment with your chiropractor and get an assessment of yourself so that you can see a few key factors. Those factors primarily being 1) Where you are 2) Where do you want to be 3) How are you going to get there.

Once those steps are determined your resolution can be easily achieved. Working with your chiropractor, the resolution and goal that you set for yourself in late December and early January will go from being a daunted task to an easily achievable checkmark.

Somerset Family Chiropractic has been helping our community in Ajax and the Durham region achieve pain free lifestyles for years now. Book your appointment with us now and let us help you achieve your New Years resolution.


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