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A Pain In My Back

3 Ways Chiropractors Can Help Relief Pain

Winter is coming, and we don’t mean Game Of Thrones. The kids are back in school and for a majority of Canadians this means the life is going back to normal. For many of us this “normal” also includes back pain.

Many factors can attribute to back pain such as heavy lifting, aging, stress and pregnancy. When your back hurts it can make the simplest activity a grueling chore. Putting on a jacket, lifting a child, sitting at your desk or even working out at the gym can become a painful experience. If you are experiencing back pain that is lasting for a few days, before choosing to tough it out, you should consult a chiropractor for an assessment and a recommended course of treatment that is specific to your needs and abilities.

What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?

Soft Tissue Therapy. There are a variety of applications with this technique such as manual release therapy, trigger point therapy and instrument assisted therapy, but the main purpose of this technique is to relieve pain by treating tight and sore muscles.

Manual Therapy. If your joints are experiencing pain in their normal range of motion, your chiropractor can use joint manipulation and mobilization to help regain motion in the joint with little pain.

Exercise Therapy. As part of your treatment plan your chiropractor can provide simple exercises that you can do at home to prevent r-injury. This can include basic lifting techniques, proper posture position and stretching.


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