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We Are Now Hiring An RMT

The Possibilities Of Being An RMT

Are you looking for a career change? A position that allows you to be your own boss and work

the that best suit the needs of your family? A career that allows you to help others and make a big

impact in the lives of those suffering from pain? Well, before you start selling products on your social

media for an MLM pyramid, think about the impact you can have by being a Registered Massage


Chiropractic clinics, Physiotherapy clinics and specialty massage centers are all experiencing a

lack of RMT’s. More and more people are choosing to have a massage as part of their overall wellness

package as most insurers now cover the therapy. This has created a high demand for trained RMT’s in the workplace.

Why Should I Become An RMT?

In a recent survey, 1200 RMT’s were asked why they choose this field as a career. Here are some

interesting statistics that came out of the report’s findings.

 88% of those surveyed, report feeling very satisfied or satisfied with their career as a massage

therapist. 6% report very dissatisfied or dissatisfied and 7% report neutral.

 98% believe that their work is making a positive impact in a patient’s life and have received

feedback from patients telling them so.

 On average, massage therapists earn 18% more than other healthcare support professionals.

The average hourly wage is $21 - $28

 Massage schools are often less expensive than traditional colleges and can be completed in 2

years. This means that you can start earning 2 years earlier and have a lower student debt to pay back

 35% of respondents are listed as self-employed, business owner or contract worker. This shows the vast entrepreneurial opportunity for those that choose to become RMT’s

What Does Employment Look Like?

Many RMT’s don’t want to take on the risk of running your own business and choose to work for

someone else, but what is it like to look for a job as an RMT? The survey found that upon graduation 62% were offered a job in less than a month and 86% were head-hunted by recruiters for healthcare facilities.

Some RMT’s choose to not work in a healthcare clinic, 23% of those surveyed are employed full time or contracted by resorts and major hotel chains operating in vacation destinations, cruise ships around the world and even private corporations that want to treat their employees to a massage during breaks. If you are serious about making a change in career and to help others experience relief from pain, than think about RMT as a career option. There are many open opportunities and now is the time to get into the field as the demand has never been higher.

Are you an RMT in Ajax? Contact the clinic today!


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