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What is Acupuncture?

Common Uses, Benefits and Risks

According to Wikipedia, acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a component of

traditional Chinese medicine in which needles are inserted into the body with the aim of

balancing your energy.

As a form of medical treatment, it has been in use in China for over 2,500 years. The use of

acupuncture in North America was rare until the 1970’s as popularity with Asian culture grew.

More and more people were looking for more traditional forms of medicine that didn’t involve

extensive use of chemicals or narcotics, so acupuncture was a natural selection.

Nothing to be afraid of

The introduction of acupuncture as a form of treatment may be new to most people. Some

common fears that are associated with acupuncture are training of the practitioner, the

sterilization of the needles and government regulation of the industry.

There’s no need to fear, acupuncturists are well trained and have to meet a high level of

regulatory compliance factors with multiple levels of government, health departments and

colleges. Needles are manufactured with medical grade stainless steel and many suppliers have to meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Health Canada standards upon inspection.

How does it help?

Believe it or not, acupuncture has been used in the treatment of many conditions. These

conditions can include but are not limited to:

Lower back pain


Menstrual cramps



Carpal tunnel syndrom


Studies from the WHO (World Health Organization) show positive results for multiple

conditions with further studies being conducted on other conditions for treatment.

What are the risk factors?

Generally the biggest risk factors are associated with the hygiene and training fo the

acupuncturist. However, lately there has been an increase in allergic reactions and infections that have been reported. One of the main contributors to this has been the introduction of cheap sub- standard needles entering the marketplace. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before beginning treatment so that you can feel more comfortable with the process.

Somerset Family Chiropractic is proud to offer acupuncture at our clinic. If you have any

questions regarding this treatment we encourage you to make an appointment with us today and

speak with our team. Looking for an acupuncturist in Ajax, Ontario?

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1 Comment

Oct 12, 2021

Being undesirable influences our lives. Work and school execution might endure if an individual is exhausted. The Well Connected Chiropractic Connections might be stressed on the grounds that one individual is "weary" of the other individual being "weary."

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